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Are you interested in helping cats and kittens in the New Orleans and Metairie Area? We are always looking for volunteers to help foster, socialize, rescue, and trap and release kitties in need.


When rescued off the streets, time, care, and patience is needed to rehabilitate cats and kittens so they can transition into a good home. This is a safer environment for them! Volunteer your time today! Socializing, petting, holding, playing with kittens is such a great way to give back to the animal world! Even just a few hours a week or a month can make a huge difference! 


Please contact Anastasia if you are interested, 504- 462-1968

Rescue/ TNR Volunteer: One of the most important things we do is try to spay/ neuter as many outside colony cats as possible to prevent mating/ fighting and kittens being born. Thousands are euthanized in shelters every year due to overpopulation though we do rescue kittens and try to find them loving forever homes preventing them is the mail goal. We do need help with trapping adults to get them fixed and also rescuing kittens. If you can help monitor traps, please contact Anastasia to discuss: 504-462-1968

Thank you for your interest! 

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